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What's in an Always Pad

A quick look at what goes into the making of Always sanitary pads
Always Africa What's in an Always pad

Read more about the safety of ALWAYS products below.

An ALWAYS Pad - Reassuring Protection

ALWAYS designs for perfection. Our pads are made of four layers i.e., the top sheet, a secondary top sheet, an absorbent core, and a back sheet. Each layer aids in delivering comfort and protection during your most private days. The top sheets quickly absorb the liquid and transfer it to the high-quality absorbent core. The core’s gel pearls work to lock the fluid while the back sheet holds the pad in place. 

The Ultimate - Safe Pads

As with all our markets, ALWAYS pads in Africa are also manufactured under rigorous international safety standards. The wellbeing of our women stands at the core of every product that we create. The safety assessments and formulas of ALWAYS products go through several independent experts in the industry including healthy authorities, university scientists, and physicians. This helps us bring the best comfort to you.

Standard Quality - Universally

ALWAYS products sold around the world are of singular quality – only the best and the most comfortable. Every sanitary pad, tampon, and panty liner that we sell in Africa and around the world meets the same internationally recognized standards for safety and quality.


We understand that every woman is different. So are her menstrual hygiene requirements. We know you expressed your desire for a pad that meets your specific needs, and we listened.

The #MyAlwaysExperience is our effort to build an extensive portfolio with innovative features. As part of this portfolio, we first introduced the ALWAYS Feather-Soft range of sanitary pads. It is our effort to meet the evolving needs of women in Africa and continuously present an innovative range of menstrual hygiene products. 

No Rashes, No Irritation

Our products go through rigorous safety tests. Always pads are safe for use and do not cause any kind of skin rash or irritation. To further cater to women with sensitive skin, we also produce pads that are designed with a soft and breathable top sheet, like the ALWAYS Feather-Soft sanitary pad.

An Improved New Range

ALWAYS believes in keeping up with the evolving times. The new breathable top sheet is soft and gentle on your skin and provides optimal protection during heavy-flow days. Check out our new range of sanitary pads today.

Use of PE Film - For Optimal Quality

Our products are designed using perforated films that contain polyethene (PE). This helps us maintain the quality of our products, just like you have always enjoyed.

Also known as polyethylene, we use it across our products in all the countries that we serve. Its usage is for more than just a way to prevent leaks. Let’s understand a little more about PE films and why they are vital:

• Polyethene is an element that is widely used in medical products such as bandages, prosthetics, oral care agents, and surgical stitches.

• It is used for holding food in the form of food bags, squeezable bottles, milk bottles, cereal box, liners, and more. 

The Working of PE Films in Pads

PE films work wonders in protecting against menstrual leaks as the component holds the fluid securely. Here are a few more reasons why they are so effective:

• Polythene aids in transporting the menstrual fluid to the absorbent core. ALWAYS uses it in the form of fibre as a top sheet for our menstrual pads.

• PE films provide a soft and silky feel. This makes the pads extremely comfortable while eliminating the risk of rashes.

We understand that women have distinct needs. But that shouldn’t mean that they have to compromise. The ALWAYS promise of safety is true for each and every product that comes out of our factories. Just so you can lead a life the way you want and on your own terms.