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Puberty stages every girl should know about

Puberty stages every girl should know about

Life is good and you are enjoying the perks of teenage. From hanging out with friends to binge-watching reruns of Gilmore Girls to fixating on your first crush, everything is super fun in your teenage. While you are having fun, your body is having some fun of its own too. It is transforming and leading you into womanhood. This process of transformation is called puberty, an entirely normal part of growing into a strong and independent woman.

Puberty is an important period of your life. But sometimes it can also be overwhelming. Knowing more about this phase will make you confident and help you enjoy the transition. So, here’s some help from Always. Read on to learn more about the stages of puberty and its signs.

  1. Development of breasts
  2. Height growth
  3. Underarm & pubic hair growth
  4. Increased sweating
  5. Vaginal Discharge
  6. Start of menstruation
  7. Emotional changes during puberty
  8. When does puberty begin and end?
Stage 1: Development of Breasts

Stage 1: Development of Breasts

You will begin to see and feel the growth of ‘breast buds’ i.e. small mounds developing underneath the nipples. It is the first stage of puberty, and you may feel mild pain upon touching them. Sometimes one side may grow faster than the other, but it is completely normal.

Pro-tip: If you love shopping, this might be a good time to enjoy bra shopping with your mom or an adult you trust.

In the following years, these buds will develop into full-grown breasts. During this time, you may want to start wearing a comfortable bra. Talk to your mom or your guardian who you will guide you and help you select the best for you.

Stage 2: Growth in Body Height

Stage 2: Growth in Body Height

This is a good time to focus on healthy eating and practising good lifestyle habits for healthy growth.

One of the most evident changes that you will notice in your body is your height. The body produces several hormones that trigger physical growth, which may cause a sudden change in your height. However, this stage of puberty is also dependent on other factors like your lifestyle, genetics, and dietary habits.

Stage 3: Growth of Pubic Hair and Underarm Hair

Stage 3: Growth of Pubic Hair and Underarm Hair

You will notice a growth of pubic hair i.e. hair around the vagina and under your lower abdomen. In the beginning, the hair will have a fine texture, but it usually tends to become coarser over time. This hair growth is accompanied by the development of hair in your underarms.

You should know that both this hair growth is completely natural and normal, and you do not have to be ashamed about it. All the girls and boys you know go through this phase. But if you do feel like you want to get rid of it, talk to your mom or an older friend to help you with a suitable hair-removal technique.

Stage 4: High Production of Oil and Sweat

Stage 4: High Production of Oil and Sweat

Significant changes will start to appear in the texture and appearance of your skin. Your pores will begin to produce more oil which may cause breakouts, blackheads, and acne. Sweating and body odour will be another common occurrence.

These changes may make you feel uncomfortable, but you can effectively deal with them by adapting to a healthy skincare routine. You may also use deodorant to get rid of body odour as you learn better ways to deal with it.

Stage 5: Vaginal Discharge

Stage 5: Vaginal Discharge

A common occurrence during this initial stage of puberty is vaginal discharge. You will notice a clear or milky white fluid on your underwear from time to time. this discharge is merely your body’s way of self-cleaning and staying protected.

Having said that, the wetness from vaginal discharge can be discomforting while also staining your favourite underwear. You may use ALWAYS panty liners to keep yourself dry and fresh throughout the day.

Stage 6: The Onset of Menstrual Period

Stage 6: The Onset of Menstrual Period

You may have already heard about menstruation: your first period is the highlight of approaching puberty. Your vagina discharges blood and other menstrual fluids once a month. This discharge process can take anywhere from 2 days to 7 days. There is no need to worry about this function as it is a completely normal part of transitioning from a girl into a woman.

You should know that every woman you know – including your mother, your cousins, and your friends at school - goes through menstruation.

Periods can be irregular in the beginning, but your body will adapt to the rhythm over time. To avoid leakage and stay protected, you must use a menstrual pad. ALWAYS Ultra pads, designed with an advanced absorbent core that minimizes leakage, maybe a good choice for starters.

Emotional Changes Led by Puberty

Puberty is more than just physical. You will experience emotional change as well in the form of:
  • Developing intense emotions – You are likely to feel emotionally inclined towards your peers. Sexual attraction is common, and you may form infatuations to the opposite sex
  • Forming a distinct personality – There may be a sense of newfound independence. You will now begin to recognize and understand your likes and form thoughts of your own.
  • Building confidence – Growing confidence is yet another sign of puberty. Remember, take your time and indulge in activities that make you happy.

The Big Question – When Does Puberty Begin and End?

Typically, the first stage of puberty in girls begins by the age of 10 years and ends by 16 years. However, there is no perfect timing and you must trust your body’s natural clock. Your peers may start puberty earlier or later than the age of 10 and even finish before their 15th birthday. But you have no reason to fret. Every girl’s body develops at its own pace and you will know when it is time.

Most girls tend to start puberty around the same age as their mom did. So, you can ask your mom when she began to experience these changes. This will give you a fair idea about when you are most likely to go through the first and many stages of puberty.

Puberty is thrilling and will put you in a state of amusing self-discovery. There is a sense of impeccable beauty and power that lies within womanhood. Embrace this beautiful transition and seek help from your mom or guardian if you ever feel like down. Don't forget to love your body, and your body will love you back. You can explore a wide range of feminine hygiene products like sanitary pads, panty liners and tampons that can help you through your puberty.

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