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Should I Be Worried About Brown Discharge?

Should I Be Worried About Brown Discharge?

Noticing small patches of brown watery discharge in and around your vagina is often normal.

Picture this: You are having brunch and enjoying a pleasant day with your friends when you get a sudden urge to go to the loo. You spot brown discharge down there and begin to panic. You don’t know what to do or what might have caused it. It ends up ruining your mood as you start to wonder what could be wrong.

The answer is that there is nothing wrong and there is no reason to fret. Noticing small patches of brown watery discharge in and around your vagina is often normal. It is a harmless bodily fluid that is usually produced around the time of menstruation or when you’re about to get your period.

Whether it is a new experience or you have noticed it in the past, it is best to understand how this bodily function called brown discharge works. Read on to get a rundown on brown discharge so the next time you spot it, you can wipe it and sit back and relax.

What is brown discharge

Did you know- Brown discharge gets its colour due to oxidization.

What is Brown Discharge?

Brown discharge is often in the form a clear white cervical, mucous substance with a ting of old or dead blood. This old blood is brownish instead of bright red because of oxidization, giving the discharge its brown colour. This combination of shed cervical mucus (from the uterus) and old blood is flushed out at the end of your menstrual period. However, in some cases, you may notice this brown discharge before your periods.

Did you know- Brown discharge gets its colour due to oxidization.

Causes of Brown Discharge

Brown discharge can be experienced at any age, and you are likely to notice it at least once in your lifetime. However, there are certain periods in your life when brown discharge can be a common sight.

Here are some causes that you should be aware of to be better prepared the next time.

Sign of Early Pregnancy

Noticing brown discharge just before your period can be an indicator of early pregnancy. This symptom is caused by implantation bleeding, which happens when the fertilized egg is burrowed in the lining of the uterus. If you do experience brown discharge at the onset of your period and if you are trying to conceive, it is advisable to take a pregnancy test.

Common Sight During Ovulation

A common occurrence among young girls, brown discharge can also be a cause of ovulation. When a girl begins to menstruate, she is likely to notice the discharge between periods. It is not a cause for concern but if it continues for more than a few days, it is best to see a doctor.

Onset of Menopause

Dark brown discharge can be a symptom of perimenopause. This is a more likely reason for women in their forties and fifties. Apart from the discharge, there may be other symptoms like hot flushes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, mood swings, and trouble with sleeping.

Other possible causes of brown discharge include hormonal change, birth control, irritation of the cervix, and stress.

Is Smelly Brown Discharge Normal?

Typically, most types of vaginal discharge have a distinct smell. It can vary depending on the time of the month and how your body reacts to the hormonal changes. The smell and colour of your vaginal discharge may or may not be linked.

Sometimes, the reason for smelly brown discharge can be a simple tampon that you have left inside for too long. Other times, the odour can indicate something serious. Smelly brown discharge can be a cause of vaginal infection or issues with the reproductive system. In some instances, it could also signal an underlying medical condition in some other part of your body.

It is advised to check for consistency in the smell of your brown discharge and report any variation to your doctor.

Know about brown discharge

When is Brown Discharge a Cause of Worry?

Brown discharge is rarely alarming unless it causes itching or smells strange. Look out for signs like pelvic pain, bleeding during sex, nausea, fever, or other kinds of physical discomfort. As mentioned above, it may be an indication of an underlying medical condition or a hormonal imbalance. If you notice anything unusual, seek professional medical help immediately.

Effectively Dealing with Brown Discharge

Experiencing vaginal discharge can be discomforting. It can stain your underwear and your clothes, especially if it occurs out of the blue. Therefore, it is best to always stay prepared even when you are not on your periods. You can use Always Panty liners to effectively manage the discharge and avoid it from leaking into your clothes. This will help you go about your day feeling fresh as usual.

When you know the science behind vaginal discharge, it becomes easier for you to manage it. Even better when you know how to stay prepared, what signs to look for, and what to do in case it worsens. So, go on and depend on Always feminine hygiene products like sanitary pads and tampons, as you focus on the more important things in your life.

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