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Breast Development During Puberty

Breast Development During Puberty

Puberty is a significant phase in a teenager’s life. It can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, especially for the very young. While it takes more than puberty for your body to reach womanhood, a whole lot of development takes place during this period. Alongside the psychological transition, you will also notice the most apparent change in the form of breast development.

  1. Signs of breasts growth in puberty
  2. Every girl’s body is different
  3. Do developing breasts hurt?
  4. Managing breast growth during puberty

Development of breasts is a very natural part of growing in a woman. Most young girls feel anxious about the sudden change in their body. It can go from being worrisome to exciting at the same time. However, staying well informed and accepting this change is the best way of going through this growth. Read on to know more about breast development during puberty.

First Signs of Breasts Growth in Puberty

First Signs of Breasts Growth in Puberty

Breast buds could appear around the age of 8 years to 14 years.

The first sign of breast growth is the development of breast buds. These are small mounds of tissue that can be felt underneath the nipples. The skin around the nipples feels raised when touched and the nipples begin to look enlarged and pertly.

Breast development is usually the first sign of hitting puberty and it continues to develop over a span of a few years. Breast buds could appear around the age of 8 years to 14 years.

Every Girl’s Body is Different

Every Girl’s Body is Different

Do not feel anxious or scared by the fact that your breasts are developing at a faster or slower rate than your friends’. Every girl goes through the process of development differently. It is also completely normal to notice one bud that seems bigger than the other. But don’t worry. Women’s bodies are rarely symmetrical, and it is only you who can notice this difference.

Do Developing Breasts Hurt?

Do Developing Breasts Hurt?

At the peak of growth, the breasts can feel a little itchy and sore. There may also be slight pain triggered from time to time. You are also likely to feel pain under the bump upon touching, but do not freak out.

There is nothing worry as this pain and soreness are completely normal. It is just that your body is going through a sea of changes and this can cause the tissues to become sore.

The formation of stretch marks around the breasts is common too at the time of development. In the beginning, the stretch marks may appear bright and pink but the colour begins to fade over time. Do not stress about your stretch marks as it is again completely normal.

One thing that you can do is avoid wearing clothes made from synthetic fabrics. This is because breast buds tend to be sensitive during development. Soft fabrics will feel much more comfortable without causing itchiness.

Managing Breast Growth During Puberty

Managing Breast Growth During Puberty

Amidst all the development during puberty, you must seek support from your mama or a trustworthy older female.

Amidst all the development during puberty, you must seek support from your mama or a trustworthy older female. Consult her and start wearing a comfortable bra to support the growth of your breasts. Bras come in different shapes and sizes. It can also be a good opportunity to enjoy some shopping time with your mama. Picking bras can be fun, so make sure that you enjoy this phase of puberty. Because it’s only a short phase of your long life.

Lastly, while you experience these bodily changes, don’t forget to prepare for your menstruation. You can explore a wide range of Always menstrual hygiene products like sanitary pads, tampons and liners to help you stay confident when the periods arrive. Talk to your mom or a female guardian and start shopping for your menstruation kit today.

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