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PMS Bloating - Causes and Remedies

PMS Bloating - Causes and Remedies

In period bloating, your tummy feels swollen and can make you overthink that you have gained weight.

Menstruation usually makes for the most uncomfortable few days every month in a woman’s life. It is further worsened by the several distressing effects like PMS mood swings and period bloating. While the former affects different women differently, bloating causes the same type of discomfort to everyone: both physical discomfort and an attack on self-confidence. In period bloating, your tummy feels swollen and can make you overthink that you have gained weight.

Bloating before menstrual periods is a common sign but not a serious cause of concern. The swelling or a ‘weird feeling in the tummy’ usually occurs a few days before the period and goes after a few days. But it can still be a cause for irritation.

Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can deal with PMS bloating. Let’s begin by understanding its causes first.

  • PMS bloating is essentially triggered when the levels of the progesterone hormone drop in your body. It is this hormone that aids in getting rid of excess water in your body. When the hormone levels drop in the days leading up to your period, the body begins to feel swollen or bloated.
  • The levels of oestrogen can also increase before the period arrives, further triggering menstrual bloating.

Remedies for PMS Bloating

Premenstrual bloating is not easy to handle. In addition to making you feel conscious about your diet, it also causes massive physical discomfort. Good news is that you don’t have to just suffer in silence. Here are some remedies that can help reduce the effects.

Remedies for PMS Bloating
  • Keep track of you what you eat

Maintain a healthy digestive system, especially in the days nearing your menstrual cycle. The food that you consume has a direct impact on your period bloating. So, cut out on processed foods and aerated drinks as they will further worsen the bloating. Increase the intake of vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains.

Keep track of you what you eat

The food that you consume has a direct impact on your period bloating.

  • Drink plenty of water

You may have heard this remedy a million times already, so why not start taking it seriously? Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day, even when you are not thirsty. When you regularly consume water, the body also lets the fluid pass out.

Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise

Bloating can make you feel very grumpy, and the idea of exercising can seem counterintuitive. However, exercising helps regulate blood circulation that is believed to have a positive effect on mitigating PMS bloating. Heavy intensity exercise may seem too much to handle but moderate activities will work just fine. Take your pet on a walk or perform some light cardio as a good period bloating remedy. Exercising also boosts the levels of endorphins that effectively improves your mood and helps you make it through the PMS.

  • Relax

The key, above all, is to relax. Do not get overwhelmed or feel pressurized by the need to have a flat tummy. It is okay to feel bloated and this change does not have to impact your mood or dress sense. It is a matter of a few days and the effects will be gone soon. Just relax and get some rest because you deserve it.


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