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Benefits of Exercise During Periods

Benefits of Exercise During Periods

Does the thought of exercise during periods sound bizarre? Your body feels very sore, and the idea of a workout can drive you to put away all that workout gear for good.

You are not alone! Periods and PMS pack with them the most discomforting aches and emotions. From feeling immense back pain to controlling your mood swings, it already is a lot to handle. However, exercising during your period is not only a way of keeping your fitness routine on track but is also very beneficial for your menstrual health.

Periods are no reason to cancel your exercise routine. Avoiding exercise will not help you conserve energy or make you feel better. It instead does the opposite. Above all, the advantages of exercise during menstruation are worthy enough to make you feel good and energized.

Still not convinced?

Here are some potential benefits of exercising on your period:

  1. Reduced menstrual cramps
  2. Helps tame fatigue
  3. Regulates the mood
Reduced Menstrual Cramps

Reduced Menstrual Cramps

Undergoing physical activity for a few minutes every day is found to have a very positive effect on menstrual pain. Medical experts have concluded that exercising for even short duration of time (say, 20 minutes per day) when on your period can have a dramatic improvement. You do not have to engage in a rigorous exercise routine or resort to bodybuilding exercises. Even a 15-brisk minute walk can have a positive influence while keeping your body healthy.

So, whether you are on your period or not, you must exercise regularly to alleviate menstrual pain in the long run.

Helps Tame Fatigue

Helps Tame Fatigue

Your body goes through immense hormonal changes during menstruation.

Your body goes through immense hormonal changes during menstruation. Hormonal fluctuations lead to a feeling of fatigue. Physical activity during your period can bring an instant lift in energy levels, thereby making you feel more cheerful.

What About Ease of Use?

Regulates the Mood

Exercising increases blood circulation and releases much-needed endorphins.

The hormonal shifts during your menstrual period can also trigger mild depression and sadness. The constant irritability and anger during this time can affect your relationship with loved ones. It serves well to work out when on your period as it is a natural way of regulating your mood. Exercising increases blood circulation and releases much-needed endorphins.

To Conclude…

To Conclude…

There are no restrictions on the type of exercise that you can perform when on your period. However, always listen to your body to understand what feels achievable. Reduce the intensity of the exercise if you feel fatigued. Always wear protective gear with the right menstrual protection. And lastly, don’t forget to maintain menstrual hygiene by using Always tampons and sanitary pads even when you are working out.

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